4/17 維護更新公告Maintenance announcement

Publish At:2020-04-16 16:08:01

為了優化遊戲環境,讓廣大用戶們有更好的遊戲體驗。遊戲將在明天早上8點30分(UTC/GMT+08:00)維護. 估計時間是3小時. 請準備提前登出, 以節省你的進度。
To optimize game environment, we decide to have an update. There will be an update at 08:30 am (UTC/GMT+08:00). The estimated time is 3 hours. Please prepare to log off in advance to save your progress.
All players can get a reward after entering. :
Maintenance reward:Diamonds*200、30m Speed-UP*2、5m Speed-UP*10
重點更新 What's New?


【New Event-Legend Kingdom】
◆ On the 8th day when the new lord is created, the old lord who has completed the rise of the kingdom will be opened after maintenance on April 17
◆ After completing the corresponding tasks, you can get rich rewards, and you can also get mythological artifact fragments!
◆ 【Hero Secret Letter】 Open for a limited time
· Activity time: April 19 ~ April 21
· The mysterious hero is about to debut, participate in activities, and together to unveil the veil of the mysterious hero!
◆ 【Fight for Heroes】 Open for a limited time
· Activity time: April 22 ~ April 24
· The mysterious hero officially debuts, you can get rich rewards for participating in the event, and fight for the hero together!
· There are also rich gift packages for sale
◆ Daily Gift Pack-Hero Gift Pack renamed as "Daily Gift Pack"
◆ Daily Gift Pack-The primary talent book in the hero talent gift pack has been greatly improved, and the essence of talent has been slightly reduced.

【Main City Territory】
◆ Optimize the function of the underground city store, you can buy multiple same products at a time

◆ The challenge button of the Legion Trial adds the option of “Automatically use trial coins to the highest level”
◆ Adjust the difficulty of the middle and late stages of the endless fighting field to make the opponent's strength closer to the change of the lord's strength
◆ Optimize the sweeping of biographies, open the latest level that can be swept by default
◆ The probability of sweeping and dropping the hero talent skill book rises

◆ Hero Summon adds 20, 40 and 60 stage rewards
◆ Effect the evil spirit mage war order skin

·神器效果:釋放技能後的下一次普通攻擊,會對一定範圍內的最多3名敵軍單位造成自身攻擊N%的傷害,並使他們的攻 速、移速減低N%,持續3秒(遠程英雄對敵人的減速效果衰減至50%)
◆ New exclusive artifact: Ice Spirit Crystal
Artifact effect: The next normal attack after releasing the skill will cause N% damage to up to 3 enemy units within a certain range, and reduce their attack speed and movement speed by N% for 3 seconds Ranged hero's slowing effect on enemies is reduced to 50%)
◆ New Soul of Soul: Ice Spirit Crystal
The above is the maintenance content on April 17, please understand!
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