4/24 維護更新公告Maintenance announcement

Publish At:2020-04-23 15:59:04

為了優化遊戲環境,讓廣大用戶們有更好的遊戲體驗。遊戲將在明天早上8點30分(UTC/GMT+08:00)維護. 估計時間是3小時. 請準備提前登出, 以節省你的進度。
To optimize game environment, we decide to have an update. There will be an update at 08:30 am (UTC/GMT+08:00). The estimated time is 3 hours. Please prepare to log off in advance to save your progress.
All players can get a reward after entering. :
Maintenance reward:Diamonds*200、30m Speed-UP*2、5m Speed-UP*10
重點更新 What's New?
【活動】 ◆禮包相關調整: ·每日禮包和每週禮包整合為一個分類,主標籤【每週禮包】改名為【特惠禮包】 ·調整每日禮包展示的排序 ·限時禮包細分禮包類別,方便領主流覽
◆ Relevant adjustment of gift packages:
· Daily package and weekly package are integrated into one category, the main label [weekly package] is renamed to [special package]
· Adjust the order of daily package display
· Limited time packages break down the categories of packages to make it easier for you to view the mainstream 【主城領地】 ◆調整城堡大廳升到6~10級所需的領主等級,具體如下: ·6級城堡所需等級10 ·7級城堡所需等級15 ·8級城堡所需等級18 ·9級城堡所需等級22 ·10級城堡所需等級25 ◆優化英雄碎片自選箱: ·在自選箱介面中展示英雄當前已持有的碎片數量,以及合成或升星所需的目標碎片數量 ·添加已擁有英雄的標籤,方便與未擁有的英雄進行區分
【Main City Territory】
◆ Adjust the lord level required for the castle hall to rise to level 6 ~ 10, as follows:
· Level 6 castle required level 10
· 7 level castle required level 15
· Level 8 castle required level 18
9 level castle required level 22
· Level 10 castle required level 25
◆ Optimize the hero's optional box:
· The number of fragments currently held by the hero and the number of target fragments needed to synthesize or ascend the star are displayed in the optional box interface
· Add tags of owned heroes to distinguish them from unowned heroes 【戰鬥】 ◆熔岩地下城的刷新時間調整為全服統一刷新 ◆開啟王國事件所需城堡等級下調為8級 ◆開放虛空突襲所需城堡等級調整為9級 ◆英雄對戰戰鬥類型增加戰鬥2倍加速功能 ◆戰鬥難度調整: ·探險地圖-亞夏聖山,部分關卡難度下調如下: 星耀城、巨石鎮、古跡城、千從鎮、羽林城 ·英雄競技場-機器人難度下調 ·試煉之塔-第1~24層難度下調 ·王國事件-20級、22級匹配事件難度下調 ·虛空突襲-獵魔者、獵魔精英、獵魔大師等段位的虛空BOSS難度下調 ·傳記副本-簡單難度-第五章關卡難度下調 ·虛空突襲最低4檔的傷害獎勵檔位下調
◆ The refresh time of Lava Dungeon is adjusted to be uniform refresh for all servers
◆ The castle level required to open the Kingdom event is reduced to 8
◆ The castle level required to open the void raid was adjusted to level 9.
◆ Hero battle type increased by 2 times the acceleration function
◆ Combat difficulty adjustment:
· Expedition map-Yaxia Holy Mountain, the difficulty of some levels is reduced as follows:
Xingyao City, Boulder Town, Historic City, Qiancong Town, Yulin City
· Hero Arena-Robot difficulty down
· The Tower of Trial-Decreased the difficulty of the 1st to 24th floors
· Kingdom event -20, 22 matching event difficulty down
Void Assault-The difficulty of Void Boss of Demon Hunter, Demon Hunter, Demon Hunter and others
· Biography copy-Simple difficulty-Chapter 5 level difficulty down
The damage bonus of the lowest 4 gears of Void Raid has been lowered 【英雄】 ◆英雄天賦和英雄傳記的開啟條件由原來的領主等級達到35級下調至33級
◆ The opening conditions for hero talents and hero biographies have been reduced from the original lord level to level 35 to level 33
◆ Fixed the issue that the Dawning Goddess occasionally failed in skills during hero battles 【軍團】 ◆軍團虧損狀態調整為每天不足5人簽到才會判定 ◆優化軍團長自動讓位機制
◆ The loss status of the legion is adjusted to less than 5 people per day before it will be judged
◆ Optimized the regimental commander's automatic concession mechanism -------------------------------- 以上為4月24日維護內容,請瞭解!
The above is the maintenance content on April 24, please understand!
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