4/30 維護更新公告Maintenance announcement

Publish At:2020-04-29 12:06:01

為了優化遊戲環境,讓廣大用戶們有更好的遊戲體驗。遊戲將在明天早上6點30分(UTC/GMT+08:00)維護. 估計時間是3小時. 請準備提前登出, 以節省你的進度。
To optimize game environment, we decide to have an update. There will be an update at 06:30 am (UTC/GMT+08:00). The estimated time is 3 hours. Please prepare to log off in advance to save your progress.
All players can get a reward after entering. :
Maintenance reward:Diamonds*200、30m Speed-UP*2、5m Speed-UP*10
重點更新 What's New?
◆ 【May Day Event】 Limited time opening
· Event time: May 1st ~ May 5th
The grand May Day event is about to start, and the empire has prepared a mysterious gift for all lords!
· Stay tuned for more events!
◆ Weekly gift packs add optional mythical hero fragment packs
◆ Optimize the preview function of the limited time gift package content, the props displayed in the gift package can be directly click to view details
◆ Optimized the matching rules of the end stages of the endless fighting field to prevent the lords from repeatedly matching to the same opponent
◆ Weekly gift packs add optional mythical hero fragment packs

◆ Decreased the difficulty level of [Lava Dungeon] generated after players reach level 60

◆ Hero resource interface to increase the corresponding resource consumption display
◆ Adjustment and display of the globally effective bond attributes
◆ [Night Knight] Main skill-Shadow Assault, amended to be unable to select invisible units to attack
◆ Fixed an issue where [The Witch of Thorns] caused anomalies in attributes after releasing the main skill in the hero battle environment

◆ Significantly increased the numerical strength of the orange entry skills acquired by equipment refining
The above is the maintenance content on April 30, please understand!
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